We have supported NW Loaves & Fishes by providing weekly meals for the NW Portland center since 2009 to 2016.

We are committed to donating and/or partnering with local community resources and nonprofits who reach out and assist those in need.

The following organizations are just some of the nonprofits that can use more support:

Raphael House and Bradley Angle Domestic Violence Help Centers for Families

Friends of the Children Outreach program for our at risk children

Meals on Wheels Providing hot meals to our senior citizens within Multnomah, Washington and Clark Counties

Human Society of United States ”the nation’s most effective and largest animal protection organization”


  • To reduce the burden on landfills, our waste management programs includes recycling and composting.
  • We  encourage guests to reuse containers and bags.  We offer a $.25 discount for each brought in for take-out.
  • All of our printed materials are on recycled paper.
  • We maintain our grease traps and drains by servicing them every other week.  This further insures the waste from these traps do not enter the public sewage system.

Food Source

Produce: Locally grown and/or organic
Locally grown organic kale, organic shiitake mushrooms, organic broccoli, organic bok choy, organic eggplant, locally grown organic asparagus from Yakima, locally grown chrysanthemum leaves, organic girl baby spinach, organic green cabbage, locally grown bok choy & Chinese broccoli
Other vegetables changes seasonally from organics to conventional depending on its availability, sustainability and overall quality.

Tofu: OTA Tofu Portland, OR

Seafood: ABC Seafood Market Portland, OR

Lamb:  Australian Farms – raised naturally and sustainably

Scallops: Sea Trek Gold USA – farm raised

Halibut: Pacific Ocean- sustainably wild caught

Salmon:  Seasonal King, Sockeye or Copper River

Razor Clams: Oregon

Lobster:  Canadian Wild Caught

Chicken: Open Nature – 100% Natural with no antibiotics, no nitrates or nitrites, and no added hormones

Turkey:  Shelton Farms, Diestel

Pork:  JBS – safe and humane environment, all natural, no added ingredients, independent farmers from the Midwest, high quality hogs for culinary industry

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