The overlooked carnation

Sweet, humble carnations bring back memories of my first Valentine.  People often over look these innocent lovelies for more exotic varieties, like the orchid.  But with Valentine’s Day coming soon, no other flower seems so appropriate to symbolize affection, hope, and love.

Try floating them in a vase filled a third with water like we did.

The history of mankind and the Carnation covers over 2,000 years. It is one of the world’s oldest flower varieties. There are many meanings of carnations, but the most popular are fascination, distinction, and love. Its scientific name Dianthus roughly translates to “flower of love” or “flower of the gods”.  History of the Carnation dates back to ancient Greece, early Christians believed that the first carnation bloomed when Mary wept for Jesus as he carried his cross.

Like other flowers, different meanings can also be expressed with different colors. Light red carnations are used to express admiration, and dark red deeper sentiments of passionate love and affection. White carnations symbolize purity and luck. Pink are often given to show gratitude.   []

We are now taking reservations for Valentine’s Day!

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